Friday, February 20, 2015


The word ‘hedgerow’ takes me right back to Ireland. Not so much my time growing up there – that was more tarmac, sooty hydrangea and flagstones – but when I eventually returned just a few years ago. It was green of hedge and hawthorn, bright of buttercup, clover and fuchsia. From the city edges out and across the country. Ireland of course is also full of fiddlers!

So about poetry – just ‘across the water’ as they say in Belfast is Hedgerow: A Journal of Small Poems edited by Kent-based poet Caroline Skanne. A very lovely international journal of micro poems, nuggets of free verse, haiku, haiga, visual poetry and photography. The latest Hedgerow #16 is here. Scroll down for Hedgerow #13 and two of my micro poems – delighted! (Submissions are ongoing by the way.)

More about Caroline Skanne and her poetry on her Facebook page and at Brass Bell edited by Zee Zahava in New York.

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