Tuesday, March 03, 2015


It’s a nice feeling to be selected for anything – a journal, anthology, festival, competition short or even long list … It’s extra nice when you know that there were myriads of contenders. Aesthetica Magazine which just sent a media release announcing that I was a finalist in their 2015 annual writing award. The finalists were actually announced a little while ago but sure it’s an excuse to mention it again. (I pause a moment to blow my own bugle.) I was one of sixty selected from 2500 entries from around the world. I’m impressed with myself. I was a finalist last year too - they received 3000 entries that year.

The real reason for mentioning it now of course is that the next competition has opened. Closing date is August 31 for both poetry and short story categories. Finalists will be published in the 2016 anthology and winners receive 500 quid and other stuff.

The 2015 winning poem is Snow is the Poem Without Flags by Charles Fishman. It is stunning. To find out more about this Long Island poet visit his website here.

To read more about the competition visit the media release here. To order the Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2015 visit here.


  1. Blowing one's own brass instrument of choice is to be recommended. Personally I favour the euphonium.

    Congratulations, belatedly, Lizz.

  2. Why thank you PS Cottier. The reality is that a plastic kazoo is about all I can get a noise out of. Thank you for dropping by. Congratulations on your own latest "well-sounding." To be mentioned above.