Thursday, January 08, 2015


Off and running for the new year with a poem published in Blue Pepper: Poetry with Bite. Karaoke is one of those moments when someone else’s life crosses paths with your own. I often wonder about the woman in the poem and whether she had mean friends or was just a truly rotten singer. (But even so …) It begins: A woman is at home having the time of her life just herself/and her karaoke machine ...  

Blue Pepper is a poetry blog edited by Blue Mountains poet Justin Lowe. Poets published there include Stuart Barnes, Dawnelle Harrison, Michele Seminara, Les Wicks and Michele Vilanueva. Poets come from Australia, America, England, Philippines … You can submit any time and if there's interest you’ll know within seven days.

Some of Justin’s own poetry is at Bareknuckle Poet: Journal of Letters – another online journal you might like to visit. They like cutting edge poetry and prose.

Blue Palettes (Launceston 2014)

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