Monday, March 23, 2009

The Irish in Australia

Found the  talk (March 15) at the National Museum of Australia by historian Richard Reid and photographer Brendan Kelson enlightening - well - interesting and entertaining certainly. Have never got into Irish Australian history the way many others have - maybe I just haven't found the way in for me. Anyway, this next book called something like A Scattering of Irish Across Australia (forthcoming, NMA) has some great stories. I'm looking forward to learning more about Ned Kelly's mother Ellen and the respect she gained from her community, and Mary Lee who was a driving force behind votes for women in South Australia. I'm not surprised to learn that Boorowa just up the road is one of the two largest Irish settlements, but I am surprised to hear Kiama on the south coast is the other. But what would I know - I don't read Irish Australian history do I. I always hope a poem will come out of these experiences, but at the moment I am working out how to submit blogs to search engines and I still have to type up a poem from Two Lips Went Shopping. I'll do it now.


  1. Just stumbled across your blog again. I've started one too. A poetry blog so I'm going to try and link mine to yours.


    This is my blog. Are you on facebook too?

  3. Fantastic to hear from you all the way from Chennai Sue. One of the frustrating things about Facebook is you can't have a browse to see what's happening before signing on...what am i missing out on? I do have a Facebook that has a family stuff focus and I never get around to using it. Off to check out your blog.