Monday, March 23, 2009


Talking of place and displacement - these are recurring themes in my writing. They happen even when I think I'm not thinking about them. Absence is a poem published in the current issue of Blue Dog Vol. 7 #14. Here's the first verse: 
Recount the three chokes of fish
Their absence is a metaphor
just like night is a ship
and the photo is an eelish moment...
Landslips is another and it will be published in the next Going Down Swinging. Gradually getting poems out and about again. 


  1. Lizz
    just visited your blog - will keep visiting - new to this blogging myself. Very inspiring.

  2. Thanx Sarah. I was pleased with how straightforward it was to set up. Am now building a google website so not on the blog as regularly just at the moment. And still thinking thru a couple of issues for example haven't quite decided how much new poetry to post on blog or not. Not clear yet how often blog posts knock out publication opportunities.

  3. A breath of light and truth from home, lovely as light and truth always are.

  4. Oh thank you Jane - is that yourself all the way from NSW to UK and back again via the Net? Hope all is well there.