Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Sense of Direction

To say my own sense of direction is lacking is an understatement so it was a bit ironic when poet friend Venie Holmgren asked me to MC the launch of her travel memoirs, A Sense of Direction  (Ginninderra Press) on March 15. Canberra poet and tankarist Kathy Kituai did the launching honours superbly. 
     Picture the 1970s, a woman in her mid-fifties by herself, and a campervan called Matilda. Add to that all sorts of locations from a wintry Tasmania to a burning Simpson Desert, a host of characters, guardian angels, recalcitrant constables...and snow-dripping wallabies INSIDE the van. Venie Holmgren was engaging, as always, providing laughs, insights and moving moments. Venie, Kathy and meself, topped it off with an intimate evening over Canberra's finest takeaway Indian food. It was great to catch up and to think about our own journeys in life.

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