Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Don’t you love it when people do fun or quirky things around poetry. Deakin Writers celebrate each issue of Verandah by running a mini competition for poems with the same number of words as the upcoming issue number.

Congratulations to Lauren Brownless on coming first with her untitled poem in the 28 Word Poetry Competition and winning the $100 voucher from Readings and a copy of Verandah #27.

I am really happy to find my micro poem A Woman Waits is a runner-up along with Jenni Dixon’s Unstuck. We both get Verandah #27 and a $50 Readings voucher. Excellent. You can read all three poems on Wordly at

Submissions to the 28 word comp are also considered for Verandah #28. General literary submissions to Verandah remain open until June 1 by the way. There is a submission fee but I guess this helps keep the student-run journal going and they do have various prizes through the year.

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