Sunday, October 21, 2012

Remarkable Pleasures – Judith Beveridge

Lines to open your heart from Judith Beveridge? Try: Perhaps it was when he saw the curved thin rod/of the moon angle into his father’s face and hook/his mouth into an ugly grin… (from the first verse of The Fisherman’s Son). Or (from the poem Doubt): All day/I feel fugitive, as if what goes inwards//finds sighs of a shady kind… The two poems The Fisherman's Son and Doubt can be found in her third collection Wolf Notes (Giramondo 2003).  Judith Beveridge’s latest collection is Storm and Honey (Giramondo 2009). ... a book, full of remarkable pleasures† it won the 2010 Grace Leven Poetry Prize and was shortlisted for the 2010 NSW Premier’s Kenneth Slessor Award for Poetry.

Judith Beveridge will perform with Russell Erwin in Opening Lines at the Goulburn Club, Market Street, Goulburn NSW on October 27 at 7 pm.

†Martin Duwell, Australian Poetry Review December 1, 2009

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