Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Feast of Poetry - includes on-the-spot prizes

For the history of the Raglan Gallery click here.
Here’s an event I have watched with interest - the Feast of Poetry, Cooma had had it’s beginnings in the passion of Cooma poet Lucia Nesci. I first heard Lucy talk about her determination to have a poetry competition and related events in Cooma at a writing workshop any number of years ago now. She sussed out how to go about a poetry award, presentations and readings, gathered committee members and Chairs and rallied the support of poets to judge. The team brought in sponsorship for prizes, involved schools, and combined poetry and art through the Raglan Gallery as the supporting venue.

The Feast of Poetry prizes are usually presented from the charming verandah of the Raglan in Lambie Street, with poets reading to the audience relaxing on the front lawns. Passersby can hear what’s going on and sometimes join in. Everyone has the opportunity to visit the exhibitions on show (this time you'll catch the last day of the John Briscoe Memorial Art Award).

The 2012 Feast of Poetry event will be held on Sunday November 4 starting 10 am. Live entertainment, refreshments, coffee. Prizes awarded for the Song and Poetry sections. Stop Press: on-the-day prizes for open mike, poem on the spot and student’s bush poetry.

Enquiries: Coordinator Lucy Nescia, phone 02 6452 5546.

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