Sunday, May 01, 2022


Monday Night

Just call me Twiggy — oh but that name is already taken!— and I’m not that build any more! — just that I can’t wait for tomorrow night’s Canberra Tree Week/Kindred Trees reading, with a grand posy of poems from prodigious poets Samia Goudie, C E Collins, Tony Steven Williams, Jacqui Malins, Amanda McLeod, S. K. Kelen, Shezhad Hathi and Jen Webb (and myself) and more tree themed treasures from the open mike. It’s a Monday night so of COURSE it’s at That Poetry Thing that’s on at Smith’s Alternative on Mondays, Alinga Street, Canberra. Huge thanks to Sarah St Vincent Welch for her exceptional ongoing Kindred Trees project — visit Kindred Trees online for superb tree poems and photographs.    

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