Sunday, October 14, 2018


Wollongong-based artist Michele Elliot said recently let's indulge in an online collaboration of words and images. Oh joy said I!
So why not on the theme of One Sky Many Stories for the Belconnen Arts Centre (BAC) — many thanks to Moni McInerny for inviting us to join in. Over the next few weeks we'll periodically post Skylines here, at Project 366 and on Instagram @michele_elliot_artist. It's a bit random — we're doing what we can when we  can and it's up for grabs who provides images or/and words at any time but there is a commitment to responding to one another's work somehow. Michele kicks it off beautifully:



Photo by Michele Elliot

skylines treetops
clouds scratch flag

Michele Elliot


a stellar creature
rubs its back
against the sky

Lizz Murphy

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