Sunday, September 02, 2018


After the One Sky Many Stories concert

So delighted to be one of the local arts practitioners invited into the Living Studio at Belconnen Arts Centre (BAC), working to the theme of One Sky, Many Stories.

I intermittently experiment with visual arts to find words. Sometimes the experiments become small art & text works; sometimes they grow into poems I wouldn’t otherwise have written. For One Sky, Many Stories I’m drawn towards mixed media works on paper incorporating charcoal, pencil, ink, torn paper, text. I hope for a good poem out of that. That’s the feeling at the moment anyway. There will be other writing too.

No obligation to complete works at this stage which is just as well as I'm still puddling about. Some of said puddles pictured above after the concert with astronomer Fred Watson, centre (and Aroona Murphy in the background).

Meanwhile the One Sky, Many Stories: What do stars mean to you? performance by the Griffyn Ensemble, Michael Sollis, Arrente man Warren H Williams and Fred Watson at BAC on August 18 was superb. Visit the Griffyn Ensemble website to find out more about this project and to sample some of the music. 

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