Saturday, September 08, 2018


A growing 'studio' wall space of drawings and poems for One Sky Many Stories at Belconnen Arts Centre. I'm layering mixed media — charcoal, pencil, gold paint-pen and oil pastel so far. Some text — more text intended. It's a Living Studio. I'm there at different times and so are other artists. Today, Jenni Kemarre Martiniello who is making larger than life Seven Sisters from collected materials was also in the gallery.

Sorry to see Dan 'Byrd' Maginnity's Counter Narrative Device — a full size cardboard derelict vehicle — completed and moved on. Yesterday was the last day of that Living Studio exhibition. Likewise Hanna Hoyne and Amanda Stuart's Sloughing Vessel 2018. The large function space was totally transformed while these artists worked on site on their fascinating full size artworks.

Belconnen Arts Centre is preparing for Stage II — a new theatre space plus refurbishments of Stage I. So it's alternative activities in the existing spaces for a while and a fabulous program of workshops/masterclasses in artists' private studios. Click here.

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