Tuesday, August 02, 2016


Just had a chat with the ACT Writers Centre via their Taking Five column - Capital Letters blog about writing and writing workshops including the imminent Land•Sea•Air series (see the plug top right).

It begins with my writing career - a happy accident ...

Ends with the most common tips I give out at workshops - the need for the old standbys never goes away: have a dedicated writing space (of some sort), have a routine (of some sort), carry a notebook, take yourself seriously even if others don’t, be selective about who you seek feedback from, dream, set goals, just write.


  1. That was a nice little piece at Capital Letters, Lizz.

    1. Thanks a million Penelope - thanx for dropping by.

  2. Hi Lizz,
    I enjoyed and learned a lot from the Poetics of Politics session at the NLA yesterday.

    Where could I find a copy of the anthology 'She-Bird'? I am particularly interested in your poem 'The Weight of Tomatoes'.

  3. Thank you Adele so much for attending my session with Susan Hawthorne. The poem you mention is in my Spinifex Press collection Two Lips Went Shopping and my new collection of micro poems Shebird is published by PressPress. Great to talk to you in the meantime by email. All the best Lizz