Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Visited Insight/Perspective by Clare Peters & Hannah Gason at the Belconnen Arts Centre today. Fascinated by Clare Peters’ sepia and gold text sculptural composites suspended in small glass blocks. Word as object. I like her interest in light as a metaphor for transformation and hope [Peters 2016]. The process described in the catalogue, sounds complex and layered and not unlike making poems.

Hannah Gason’s striking glass panels explore self. She also employs a process of layering: ‘planes of layered translucent imagery that I then dissect and reconstruct’ [Gason 2016]. The segments, markings and colours speak to me of lakes, forests and blood.

Insight/Perspective is part of Permeate a group of exhibitions by artists who were recipients of the Emerging Artists Support Scheme (EASS). You have until June 19 to see it.

I like to catch up with EASS awards and related events when I can. EASS is close to my heart – I was the first Coordinator (1989) back in my public relations days at Canberra School of Art (now ANU) and played a large part in establishing the program. 

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