Monday, March 21, 2016


I am delighted with the discipline of Project 365 + 1. Every day writing something. Keeping that writing muscle exercised and most importantly practising the practice of observation.

No matter what else is going on I have to go find a poem. Of some sort. I am taking a few moments to look closely at leaves, to examine grasses and weeds (I do love them) and to pay attention to what is going on around me. It’s a form of mindfulness – bonus. We’re driving a lot and the whole time I am on the look out for a bird of prey above or something wily on the side. They always catch my interest but more than ever I am trying to catch a poem too.

Some days it’s an average haiku (can the world bear it), often it’s a micropoem and sometimes a small prose poem. I love micropoetry and prose poetry so that’s fine. There are found poems from newspaper headlines for a bit of fun (on desperate days). Some will work up to something down the track and occasionally one crops up that is not bad at all. The not-bad-at-alls make the effort worth it and keep me going. The connection with this community of poets and artists also keeps me going.

There’ll be a shift and I’ll be able to give time to the research-based poems I’m hankering after. Meanwhile here’s an observation or two.

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