Friday, January 01, 2016


Red Hot Chilli

You will find delicious poetry and images at Project Three Six Six a new poetry collaboration kicking the new year along. It involves Kit Kelen (driver), Kevin Brophy, Andrew Burke, Michaela Castledine, Anna Couani, Iris Fan, Yao Feng, Susan Hawthorne, Sarah St Vincent Welch, Lies Van Gasse among others — and my-excited!-self. Each poet has committed to posting work every day from today until January 1, 2017. More poets are yet to post (the day is young depending on what part of the world you are in) and I think more poets are being invited in. You’ll find Project 365 + 1 at The Facebook page is called Project Three Six Six.

My first official post is titled Summer and there is also a small sculpture poem (a bit of a test). There is so much to enjoy – the ‘conversation’ is already unfolding.

Here's wishing you a red hot 2016.

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