Tuesday, September 29, 2015


With thanks to Merlin 2525 via Open Clip Art

I can’t thank NASA scientists enough. The lengths they have gone to, to make one of my poems highly topical! It happens like that. Just when you think that poem’s gone a bit quiet now … something happens out of the blue to bring it back into the limelight. So don't give up on anything.

The big news of course is confirmation that there is liquid water flowing on Mars. I suspect NASA has been working on this for a wee while. 
You can read the New York Times story here.

You can read my Mars poem below:


Our whole lives are broken down journeys
vehicles that spit and fizz with too many mendings
too much age
Wheels worn into the constant blue-black of bitumen
the endless signature inked into suburban arteries
and now across deserts
the red skirt dissected
the stiletto heel stab of rain rare indeed
Only in our heads
despondent as birds standing watch over dead loves
knocked down by speed
pasted to the wake left by two worlds colliding

How concise is colonization
country to country and now planet to planet
Look out Mars here we come
ready or not

© Lizz Murphy

— From Stop Your Cryin (Island Press 2004 RRP $10)
Available from the author

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