Saturday, April 25, 2015


So - I’m enjoying more poetry from The House is Not Quiet and The World is Not Calm (eds. Kit Kelen and Geoff Page) this time seeking out poems by friends and colleagues who are also Facebook friends:

Judith Crispin’s control of light is as effective in words as it is through the lens, ranging from a passing spark to a light that bounces and binds – see Light Picture. Amelia Fielden’s Three Tanka are delicacies – love the touch of the wry in the last. There is the warmth of strangers meeting in Hazel Hall’s subtle and compelling An Australian Christmas Carol. I felt chafed in personal places just reading Melinda Smith’s No Bed and scrabbling for tissues after both Untitled and New Undergraduates Tour of the Psychology Clinic - not to be missed.

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