Sunday, December 14, 2014


I have a good voice for radio – apparently. In the days when I seemed to have more energy or more motivation or maybe just longer books with longer poems in them, I did the full promo thing sending media releases and books to all and sundry. Then as is usually necessary with ‘soft news’ I would follow up with phone calls. I got any number of radio interviews as a result: ‘Yes - I can hear you have a good voice for radio,’ was said in one way or another, more than once. More than twice even.

So. This lead me to think that if I produced audio recordings of my poems, I could open up many more opportunities for ‘publication’ (and also facilitate radio coverage for new books).

I had this thought about four years ago. Well, I had it often even before that as I do want to be part of this digital poetry age, but I put my elbow to it or my back into it or whatever it is you do, about four years ago. I haven’t got very far. There are the wind sounds and the half feral chooks outside and the household noises and creaking doors inside. There’s the croaky voice, the stutter, the odd turning page sound (dammit I know that one already from radio), the smacking sounds and the (still) lack of skills using technology. Example: okay I have all these QuickTime recordings - now how do I turn them into MP3s?????????????????????????????

Four years later I now know that to make an MP3 version you just open Real Player Converter and follow a couple of simple instructions. At least that’s how it happens on a Mac. I worked this out under pressure. I applied to the Bimblebox 153 Birds project, got accepted and then had to not only come up with a poem (eek!) but also an audio recording. Amazing what you can crack with a real deadline.

Now I’m updating myself on audio publication opportunities in Australia and overseas. Quiddity is an international literary journal (print and audio) and public radio program attached to Benedictine University in Illinois. Its submission page includes wonderful hints on reading your work for audio recording. (Click on submissions then click on how to submit for the recording guidelines.)

While you’re in there, check out the current call for poems that ask a question - the question should be the title and the poem the answer. Any questions go to

Meanwhile, at least I haven't yet been told I have a good face for radio.

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