Friday, November 29, 2013


My chooks about to take me for a walk around
the front garden. Ginger Rogers is on the right.

I wouldn’t say I am into one-upmanship and yet I find myself feeling pleased to be one up on internationally renowned Irish poet Paul Muldoon. I have three chickens and he only has two. Like Muldoon I am rediscovering the joys of chicken farming. He talks about this and his recent collections - of song lyrics - in an interview titled ‘Writing Songs’ in the current issue of The Moth. He also says something alarming – that all poets get worse as they get older. Some of us are getting older yet still trying to get better. There I am dragging the chain again.

The interview can be accessed online hereThe Moth is a quarterly arts and culture magazine publishing poetry and prose by Irish and international writers. The Moth also runs the Ballymaloe International Poetry Prize which closes on December 31. The first prize is 10,000 with cash for second and third places.


  1. I think Muldoon is wrong, look at Pablo Neruda, Hilda Doolittle, William Wordsworth, Adrienne Rich, etc. Does he apply the rule to himself?
    Mind you, it's nice to see he's getting another string to his bow.

    1. Thanks for your comment Robert. I read into it that it could be a concern of his own ... and I see there is more of this in another interview in the New York Observer, 'Between Robert Frost and Bon Jovi: The Many Contradictions of Paul Muldoon' at
      Cheers Lizz