Sunday, April 28, 2013


The UK journal Tears in the Fence is interested in ‘the unusual, perceptive, risk-taking as well as the imagistic, lived and visionary.’ This bi-annual publication includes ‘poetry, prose, translations, reviews and essays by established writers from around the world.’ Visit to see selections from the current issue. Submissions  are now open for their Autumn 2013.

Thrush Poetry Journal is produced online six times a year with one print issue of ‘best ofs.’  Their taste is eclectic. The March 2013 issue includes poems of a few words, short and long prose poetry and visual poems. Submit any time. Thrush comes out of North America. They also publish chapbooks and broadsides.

If you read or write small shots of poetry you’ll like Shot GlassJournal with its US and international sections. The next issue will be posted online at the end of May. You have until May 15 to submit prose poems of up to 10 lines or other poetry forms up to 16 lines.
Prole: Poetry and Prose is a print magazine interested in any style but literary elitism. Submissions are currently being accepted.

Don’t forget to check the submission guidelines. They vary - you know - the usual: email/don't email/attach/paste in/double space/single space ...

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