Friday, September 21, 2012

National Rosemary Dobson ditched for new local

The ACT Government has announced a new ACT poetry prize. Full information to follow in November, but good news for ACT poets with the $3000 prize for a single poem by an ACT-based poet and 2 x $1000 runners up. This new prize replaces the previous $2000 David Campbell Prize for a poem by a local poet and is unfortunately at the expense of the $3000 Rosemary Dobson Poetry Prize, a national award. The loss of the national prize is disappointing to say the least.

Pleased to see Poetry at the God’s funded again after missing out last year, alongside support for Manning Clark House’s proposal for a poetry and music program. To build to build…


  1. The changes to the poetry on the buses scheme are interesting too, Lizz. Open to all, not commissioned, which is good, and $500 a poem, for ten poets.

    On a Canberra theme for 2013.

  2. Thanks for your comment PS. I thought the idea of commissioning Prize winning and placed poets to write bus poems was a good one, but Murphy's Law being Murphy's Law, that didn't happen for the 2011 poets :) I do think the open invitation is a terrific approach too though and welcome the $500 payment for successful poets. Pleased to see school programs but I'd prefer to see Slam as part of the mix rather than the main focus. School students of all ages appreciate a broad range of styles as much as adults often do. Remiss of me not to provide a link...will post that shortly. Cheers.