Friday, February 24, 2012


What’s the VIDA count you say? If you are saying to yourself surely there can’t still be gender bias in the literary scene or … that tired old argument … read the Count 2010 survey at VIDA: Women and the Arts. See the figures for yourself. Includes major literary journals like Granta, The Times Literary Review, The Paris Review and many more. Some interesting comments also – they call for further data, offer further reading, info on other magazines.

VIDA seeks to explore critical and cultural perceptions of writing by women …” Count 2010 is promoting discussion in other venues -  Artshub carried an article recently (if you can cope with terms like 'dames' and 'the fairer sex') and The Bookshow did its own gender analysis…sorry can’t find the latter link at the moment. Brevity: A journal of concise literary nonfiction is accepting extremely short essay submissions on the theme of Ceiling or Sky: Female Nonfictions after the VIDA Count. It’s a special issue guest-edited by Susanne Antonetta, Barrie Jean Borich, and Joy Castro.

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