Saturday, January 21, 2012

Merging poetry and art

Poet Kathy Kituai reads during Skin, ANCA Gallery 2011.
In the background are sections of installations by
Kelly de Olivera (left) and Deborah Faeyrglenn (rear).
Poet Chris Mansell reads during Skin, ANCA Gallery 2011

Kathy Kituai and Chris Mansell - colleagues/friends of the artists - travelled to the Skin exhibition at ANCA Gallery, Canberra to join Lizz Murphy in a Skin Poetry Reading (November 2011).

Kathy's reading included poems selected in response to the work of the individual artists: Kelly de Olivera, Deborah Faeyrglenn, Cheryl Jobsz and Lizz Murphy. This brought an intimacy to her performance which was felt by everyone in the room. Chris' reading included bird poems in a spontaneous  response to the recurring bird motifs throughout the exhibition, continuing a dialogue with the artists. The local ravens provided perfectly timed background sound.

Lizz began with a micro poem about ravens and then read a small bunch about being in the skin of a woman. A number of new and known Canberra poets attended, delighting and moving all of us with a poem each about skin.

The collaboration of the two artforms through their combined public presentation created a palpable atmosphere. It is done - but we all agree not done often enough.

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