Sunday, January 16, 2011

Settlement - a poem

A poem from a Binalong walk during the Rudd reign - I had the plight of asylum seekers on my mind. (Sorry the lines are too long for this space and run over...maybe I quite like that.) Let's see if there is a photo for summer job was organizing my masses of digital photos - good, bad or indifferent! Lucky you.


That settlement on the lowland the noise of them
chittering and squawking Those single-note whistles
sucked back unutterables everyone scattering One so much
less agitated sailing wings draped like arms around someone
else’s half-hearted shoulders legs trailing absentminded the feet
chewed stick ends The choughs flap and stretch nettled silk each
fan-fold a clearly outlined breath Two magpies flee to another
patch the first knows its song well the other repeats her last
phrase on a seven second delay like someone who can’t contain
thought or an unacquainted tongue And then the falcon flaunting
his high authority the rearing sun his silver edged wingspan
limbs extended his binding decision his bite to the spine

© Lizz Murphy

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