Saturday, December 04, 2010

Poets Union - end of an era

Drinking hot lemon and honey at five in the morning watching the light break on the ancient eucalypt and wondering if any other poets in this time zone are awake right now I can think of one who always is her reading pile her journal her flask of tea It’s not me I like to sleep (but cough splutter is getting in the way today) Everyone will be converging on Sydney today Everyone who is a poet and isn’t in bed with flu (sad) An end of year party that is an end of an era the Poets Union merging into the new oddly named Australian Poetry Limited Surely we want Australian Poetry UNlimited? I know – I’m not the first to make that crack All I can think of apart from missing a party (will it be a wake) is that I haven’t said thank you Thank you to all those who kept the Poets Union running since the 1970s provided the networks found the funding organised the tours awards fellowships festivals churned out the newsletters and the ever classier Five Bells journal They have to keep that It’s a lighthouse Five A.M. Only one thing for it – blog!

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