Thursday, December 24, 2009

Still on the poetry campaign

Should mention I have practiced what I preach. Long suffering friends have often received a small poem of my own, masquerading in one way or another as ‘cards’. One year I bought quite a few titlettes and posted them instead of buying Xmas or New Year cards, and I always intend to do that every year. Yet another confession: not always organized enough. People loved the idea and the poetry.

Chris Mansell says one of her PressPress authors did that with her own titlette and people really liked it. Chris also sent me a new media postcard, beginning The first casualty. It is worth viewing along with her QuickTime poems and others here.

Thanks also to Robyn Lance, who gave me some helpful advice about things link/clickable in a related email I sent out a bit randomly. I’m so impressed with technoheads. Robyn’s poetry can be found in many issues of Quadrant and other journals.

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