Monday, August 31, 2009


Two Lips Went Shopping is from both sides of the counter (I started on the shop floor) and moves into advertising and consumerism. There are café poems (as always), poems about FGM and the world baby trade ... Some are humorous and some are not.
Brown Hills
for Vivienne
On a brown hill
a mother with low income
and lackadaisy husband
stands with her two thin girls
gawk-eyed at the window of their home
as the large department store blazes
flames casting strange light across the city
Razed to the ground the building
the merchandise the lay-bys the records
And in the fire the mother's account
all her white goods the fridge
the freezer a twin-tub washing machine
another seven years of scraping debt
An honest woman she died ashamed
that she never wrote and told them
how much she owed them
© Lizz Murphy
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