Saturday, July 18, 2009

Two Flies on a Wall

It's not too often Binalong gets over 2000 people to a footie game but that's the shape of things today with the great clash between Binalong Brahmans and the Harden Hawks. The reason? 2GB's Continuous Call Team is here on one of their bush visits. We had other things going on but caught most of the game in the car and the end of it at home on the radio with real sound carrying across from the oval. The call was very entertaining - and sorry but I'm not the greatest footie fan so that's saying something. One caller listening on the road from Kiama to Wollongong said during interval: 'We have no idea who Binalong is or who Harden is but we'd listen to Ray calling two flies on a wall.' Don't you love Australian sayings! We left them sorting out their bets on what time it gets dark here. Well it's 5.05, cold but light with the sunset still throwing vermilion on the euc' elata trees I can see from this window. Fading as we speak ...

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