Thursday, April 16, 2009

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...and when you sigh a long-standing dream machines take pictures far superior from kiss to kiss he struggled with the mind shared out her modest collection grass skirts benign expressions cute culture there will be no-one in the houses her moral code like some cliff-sheltered bay lovers of cute moving to a song of loosened hair and now you laugh at manners and mores personality traits recall conversations like white birds on the foam forceful opinions too fragmentary to understand the physical accumulation of minutiae lovers murmuring the wizard song hearing the sea-wind scream find others wanting now there is nobody here but our two selves she said that meant supporting herself with odd jobs she had to play a lot with the words play on words prey on words pray prey she was too cute for words...
Studio Notes: 
She flicked from WB Yeats to The Canberra Times WB Yeats to the Canberra Times WB Yeat Canberra Time WB Canberra Yeats Times
Larrisy, Edwards 1997 The Oxford Authors: W.B. Yeats Oxford: Oxford University Press
Panorama - The Canberra Times March 28, 2009

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